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The valve ВЕ10, РХ10, 1РЕ10, ВММ10, РЕ10.3, 4WE-10, ВЕХ16, РЕХ16, WEH16

Offer type: salePublished: 02.08.2018
Company:OOO 'Promyishlennaya gidravlika'
Seller:Gidravlik Anton Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
The valve ВЕ10, РХ10, 1РЕ10, ВММ10, РЕ10.3, 4WE-10, ВЕХ16, РЕХ16, WEH16

Hydraulic distributors of the type ВЕ10 is a spool-valves with dual coils (double solenoid control). Orifice of such dispensers is 10 mm.

Valves of the type ВЕХ16 have a nominal diameter of 16 mm. According to the type of management they apply to control valves with electrohydraulic control.

ВЕХ16 vary according to different distribution patterns. MILESTONES-16 flow up to 80 l/min working fluid.

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New valves series ве10.64, ве10.64.г24, ве10.44 г24-nm ве10.44 г24-nm Ulyanovsk, valve ве10.44, distributor ве10, ВММ10 directional control valve, directional control valve вех16, ве10.34, production ВЕ10 24 H110 NM NF4, ве10.574 Ukraine, ВЕ10 574 OF Г24, ВЕ10 574А OF H110, H220 OF ВЕ10 573, VMM-10.44 f, the Valve spool marks RE, VE for loader P6-KSHP-10, ВЕ10; ВММ10; ВМм6; ВХ10 with a supply voltage of the electromagnet 12; 24; 36; 100; 220.
Valves, solenoid, RE 10.3 574е, ВЕ10.573, ВЕ10.573Е, ВЕ1.574, ВЕ10.574А, ВЕ10.574Е, ВЕ10.64, ВЕ10.44, ВЕ10.34, ВЕ10.24, ВЕ10.14, 1Р203, 1Р202, 2Р203, 2Р202, ВММ10.64Ф, ВММ10.44Ф, ВММ10.34Ф, ВММ10.24Ф, ВММ10.14Ф.
Valves 1Рн203, 1Рн323 DN=20mm and Do=32mm , Pumps hand type NPG-M1(NPG), 1РН203ФМ14, РН203ФМ14, 1 PH 203-FM 34, 44 PV PH 203 PH 203 PV 14, 1 PH 203-V. 44, 1 PH 203-FV.44, 1 PH 203-64, 1 PH 203-FV.64, 202 PH-PV.574, 1 PH 203-FV.574, 1 PH 203-FV.574А, 1 PH 203-FC.574 And 1Рн203В14.

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