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Distributor Head 12 mm for Toyota OEM 096400-1210

Offer type: sellPublished: 04.08.2018
Seller:Corissa Lao
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Address:China, Shenzhen

distributor head 12 mm for Toyota OEM 096400-1210,4cylinders,12mm,right rotation head rotor

China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufactory for Nozzle ,plunger/element,diesel injector,common rail,D-valve,cam disk,head rotor,pump,repair kit and so on.
Head Rotor is always heavy demand all around the world. China Lutong Parts Plant as the leader  supplier of Head Rotor famous for our products' high quality, advance production line, professional and technical workers and competitive price. 
There are thousand kinds of head rotor in our warehouse. For example DENSO Head rotor OEM NO. 096400-0242 which is 4 cylinders head rotor. DENSO Head rotor OEM NO. 096400-1320 which is 6 cylinders head rotor. Zexel Head rotor OEM NO. 146400-2840 which is 4 cylinders head rotor. Bocsh Head rotor OEM NO. 1 468 336 608 which is 6 cylinders head rotor and so on.

If you have any interested in our products or have any inquiry. Please kindly contact us, so that we have opportunity to keep connect with you.
No.reference numberItemSpecificationMotor Engine1096400-0143Head Rotor 4/9RISUZU 4FE12096400-0232Head Rotor 4/10RMITSUBISHI 4D5T3096400-0242Head Rotor 4/9RTOYOTA 2C4096400-0262Head Rotor 4/12RKOMATSU 4D95L5096400-0371Head Rotor 4/10RTOYOTA 2L6096400-0432Head Rotor 4/12RTOYOTA 1Z7096400-1000Head Rotor 4/10R8096400-1030Head Rotor 4/9RMITSUBISHI 4D69096400-1060Head Rotor 4/9RTOYOTA 3B10096400-1090Head Rotor 4/9RTOYOTA 1DZ11096400-1160Head Rotor 4/10R12096400-1210Head Rotor 6/12RTOYOTA 11Z13096400-1220Head Rotor 4/12RKOMATSU 4D95S14096400-1230Head Rotor 4/12RTOYOTA 1Z15096400-1240Head Rotor 4/12RTOYOTA 14B16096400-1250Head Rotor 4/10RTOYOTA 3L17096400-1270Head Rotor 4/10R18096400-1300Head Rotor 4/10RTOYOTA 1DZ19096400-1320Head Rotor 6/12RTOYOTA 1HD-T20096400-1330Head Rotor 6/10RTOYOTA 1HZ21096400-1390Head Rotor 4/10R22096400-1441Head Rotor 4/12RELÉCTRICO (ECD)23096400-1481Head Rotor 4/10RELÉCTRICO (ECD)24096400-1500Head Rotor 6/10RTOYOTA 1HZ25096400-1580Head Rotor 4/12R26096400-1590Head Rotor 4/10R27096400-1600Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JB128096400-1610Head Rotor 4/10L29096400-1670Head Rotor 6/12R30096400-1680Head Rotor 3/9RTOYOTA 3B31096400-1690Head Rotor 4/12R32096400-1700Head Rotor 6/12RTOYOTA33096400-1730Head Rotor 4/10RTOYOTA 1DZ/3B34096400-1740Head Rotor 4/10R35096400-1770Head Rotor 4/10RTOYOTA 5L36096400-1800Head Rotor 6/12R37096400-1950Head Rotor 4/11RNISSAN38146400-2220Head Rotor 4/10RMITSUBISHI 4D559 461 610 167Head Rotor 39146400-4520Head Rotor 4/10RISUZU 4FC140146400-5521Head Rotor 4/9LISUZU C22341146400-8821Head Rotor 4/9LISUZU42146400-9720Head Rotor 4/10RNISSAN LD20T43146401-0221Head Rotor 4/10RMITSUBISHI 4D6544146401-0520Head Rotor 4/10RNISSAN AD239 461 612 068Head Rotor 45146401-1920Head Rotor 4/9LISUZU C2409 461 614 180Head Rotor 46146401-2020Head Rotor 4/10R47146401-2120Head Rotor 4/10RNISSAN AD2748146401-3020Head Rotor 4/12RKOMATSU9 461 615 032Head Rotor 49146401-3220Head Rotor 4/10RMITSUBISHI 4D569 461 615 357Head Rotor 50146401-3520Head Rotor 4/10LNISSAN TD2351146401-4220Head Rotor 4/11RNISSAN QD329 461 617 094Head Rotor 52146401-4420Head Rotor 4/12RDAEWOO53146401-4720Head Rotor 4/10R9 461 624 529Head Rotor 54146402-0820Head Rotor 4/11RISUZU 4JB14BC29 461 612 320Head Rotor 55146402-0920Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JA14JB19 461 612 350Head Rotor 56146402-1420Head Rotor 4/12RISUZU 4BE157146402-1520Head Rotor 4/10RISUZU D201-0258146402-2420Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JB1CG59146402-2520Head Rotor 4/11R60146402-3420Head Rotor 4/11RNISSAN BD309 461 614 854Head Rotor 61146402-3820Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JA19 461 615 070Head Rotor 62146402-4020Head Rotor 4/12LISUZU 4JB1 493ZQ9 461 617 872Head Rotor 63146402-4420Head Rotor 4/12LISUZU 4JA19 461 617 096Head Rotor 64146402-4720Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JB1-TC65146402-5120Head Rotor 4/11LFORD66146402-5220Head Rotor 4/11L9 461 613 254Head Rotor 67146403-0520Head Rotor 4/10R68146403-1220Head Rotor 4/8R69146403-2820Head Rotor 4/10RMAZDA ED3370146403-3120Head Rotor 4/10LNISSAN CD1771146403-3320Head Rotor 4/10RNISSAN ED3572146403-3520Head Rotor 4/10RNISSAN TD279 461 617 098Head Rotor 73146403-4820Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU 4JG274146403-4920Head Rotor 4/11RMITSUBISHI 4M4075146403-6120Head Rotor 4/11R9 461 615 865Head Rotor 76146403-6820Head Rotor 4/10LMAZDA WLT9 461 616 828Head Rotor 77146403-7920Head Rotor 4/10L78146403-8720Head Rotor 4/10LHYUNDAI79146403-9520Head Rotor 4/10R80146403-9620Head Rotor 4/10R9 461 626 030Head Rotor 81146404-1620Head Rotor 4/10RJAC82146404-2200Head Rotor 4/12LISUZU83146405-0421Head Rotor 6/11RDAEWOO (ASIA KIA)84146405-0620Head Rotor 6/12R9 461 610 710Head Rotor 85146405-1920Head Rotor 6/10RNISSAN TD429 461 614 375Head Rotor 86146405-4020Head Rotor 6/10R87146405-4220Head Rotor 6/11R88146405-4420Head Rotor 6/11R89146406-0620Head Rotor 6/11RKOMATSU 6D95L9 461 613 410Head Rotor 90146408-0620Head Rotor 6/10R91923402-0904Head Rotor 4/10R92YK661Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU93YK662Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU94KIA2700Head Rotor 4/10LKIA95KIAHead Rotor 4/10LKIA96YK B3-90Head Rotor 3/9LGenerador chino971 468 333 323Head Rotor 3/10LAUTORIZACIÓN GEOTECH981 468 333 342Head Rotor 3/11L991 468 334 009Head Rotor 4/11LISUZU1001 468 334 012Head Rotor 4/12R1011 468 334 013Head Rotor 4/12R1021 468 334 017Head Rotor 4/9R1031 468 334 032Head Rotor 4/11R1041 468 334 313Head Rotor 4/9RIVECO 40-81051 468 334 327Head Rotor 4/9RCR DE VW, JK1061 468 334 337Head Rotor 4/10RFORD York1071 468 334 378Head Rotor 4/12RCUMMINS 4BT1081 468 334 472Head Rotor 4/11L1091 468 334 475Head Rotor 4/12RPERKINS Phaser 701101 468 334 480Head Rotor 4/10RLANCIA1111 468 334 485Head Rotor 4/11RIVECO40-101121 468 334 496Head Rotor 4/12RCUMMINS 4BT AA1131 468 334 564Head Rotor 4/8RVW/AUDI 1Y1141 468 334 565Head Rotor 4/9RVW/AUDI JK1151 468 334 575Head Rotor 4/9RVW YO1161 468 334 592Head Rotor 4/11LAURIFULL1171 468 334 594Head Rotor 4/11R1181 468 334 595Head Rotor 4/11RIVECO1191 468 334 603Head Rotor 4/11RIVECO 40-101201 468 334 604Head Rotor 4/11RIVEC