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The boilers of the "BRIC" long burning

Offer type: salePublished: 21.08.2017
Seller:Kotlyi BRIK
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Zhytomyr

Boilers, long burning, brick

Solid fuel boilers "BRIC" long burning.
Type boilers, Pyrolysis boilers "brick".

Boilers "brick" made of different power and allow heat the space from 100sq.m to 1200 sq. m.

Detailed information on all models of boilers "brick" on the site manufacturer:

Boilers "brick" work on different types of fuel:

  • · wood
  • · briquettes, pellets
  • · fuel chips
  • · waste wood
  • · sawdust, wood chips


Large loading bunker fuel one time to load the fuel, which is enough for long work boiler (operates up to 24 hours on 1 load of fuel).

Boiler efficiency "brick" = 91%.

Pot "brick" is equipped with reliable electronics that controls the flow of primary and secondary air in the combustion zone and regulates the speed of the exhaust fan (smoke exhauster).

Pot "brick" is very reliable. In design no moving mechanisms – nothing broken.

  • · a metal "boiler" steel 09G2S thickness up to 6mm
  • · the heat exchanger is of seamless high-temperature tubes
  • · lining of standard refractory brick
  • · electronics regulate the intensity of combustion
  • · pyrolysis boiler BRIC – a high ratio useful actions
  • · the large chamber of the fuel – long boiler operation
  • · the ability to fetch the boiler at any time
  • · the possibility of cleaning of the boiler without stopping it work

Boilers "brick" set for heating:

  • · residential houses, cottages, baths, pools
  • · stores, shopping centers
  • · hotels, resorts, SPA
  • · administrative buildings, offices
  • · production plant, STO
  • · greenhouses
  • · grain drying installation
  • · warehouse

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Detailed information on all models of boilers "brick" on the site manufacturer: