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Aneroid MD-49-2

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Address:Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast', Syevyerodonets'k

MD-49-2 aneroid barometer is designed to measure atmospheric pressure.

The principle of operation of the instrument barometers-aneroid MD-49-2 based on the the functional dependence between the measured pressure and the elastic deformations of membrane aneroid boxes.

The air pressure is perceived by the membrane aneroid boxes, collected in block, linear motion which is converted the transmission linkage to the angular displacement of the pointing the arrows above the scale device.


Specifications MD-49-2:

The limits of the measurement pressure of 600 mm Hg. article to 790 mm Hg. article

The price of division of scales - 1 mm Hg. article

The error of pressure measurement in the temperature range from -10° C to +50° C - no more than ±8 mm Hg. article

Working position of the device is horizontal, dial up, in the ground conditions.

The scale is graduated in millimeters of mercury.

Dimensions box 220×220×195 mm.

Weight of the device in the box - no more than 2.8 kg.


The operating conditions of MD-49-2:

Vibration shock load - not more than 20 m/S2.

The device must be protected from direct solar radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations and the ingress of moisture into the housing.

The mechanism of the barometer MD-49-2 is located on a metal Board with racks associated the spacer at the axle block.

The pressure receiver consists of four series-connected aneroid boxes. One end of the receiver is fixedly connected with the bridge block. The movable end of the block is pivotally connected to the rigid rod, the other the end with the pin also pivotally connected with a fork regulator mounted on the intermediate axis.

In the intermediate axis for a sample of backlash in the hinges, pull installed coil spring and the lever and the spring preload of the chain. In the slots of the lever forks and spring preload pin hinge fixed holder plate-hinge chains MD-49-2, the other ends which is slidably mounted in the grooves of the roller Central axis.

The cracker's Central axis with the screw attached needle device. Central and intermediate the axes on a stringed axes is attached with nuts.

If you change the pressure in the housing of the barometers MD-49-2 unit aneroid boxes deformed and with the help of thrust rotates the intermediate axis, which with a lever and chains rotates the Central axle together the arrow above the scale.

With increasing pressure the needle is rotated during the hands of a clock at lower speed against the clock.

The mechanism of MD-49-2 installed in a housing which is mounted in the case on springs.

In stock - 1pc.