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Component parts for Stairs made of Wood.

Offer type: salePublished: 31.08.2016
Company:Izdeliya iz Dereva
Seller:Valerij Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Sell Accessories for Wooden Stairs, wholesale and retail, solid Oak, Beech, Ash.

Level - Beech, Oak, Ash.

Under The Stairs - Beech, Oak, Ash.

Handrail - Handrails, Beech, Ash, Oak.

Under handrails, Beech, Ash, Oak,

The end of the handrails, Beech, Ash, Oak.

Decorative invitations are the Pillars of Beech, Ash, Oak.

Balusters - Beech, Oak, Ash,

Under bolesnici - Oak, Beech, Ash.

Stringers - Stringer Beech, Ash, Oak.

Winder Group Of Beech, Ash, Oak

Rotary Stage - Beech, Ash, Oak.

A balustrade is a set of railings of the stairs with the adjacent grounds, consisting of balusters, handrails, under belashenkov and intermediate posts.

A baluster is a supporting rack railing.

Winder stage is the stage in which the inner side is narrower than the outer. Such a Stage is applied at the corners of the stairs.

The stringer is bearing beam of a ladder March to which stage of rely on top.

A stairway is an inclined part of the stairs, consisting of load-bearing beams (stringers and the stringers) and a series of steps.

At the beginning and at the end of March should be ground, regardless of how many marches in a ladder. As the site can serve as part of the floor adjacent to the staircase.

Handrail - Handrails are used for fencing of stairs.

Under Balasevic is the lower part of the railing that the balusters are installed.

The riser is the vertical element of the degree, between the top planes of two alternating steps.

Handrail is the top portion of the railing, which during movement of the holding hand.

The tread is the upper (working) plane stage.

The post this is a big baluster, usually having the ball at the top. Is used at the beginning, the end, and on the corners of the stairs.

The step is part of a stairway having a vertical and horizontal plane. Stairs can be straight and winder.

The string is a bearing beam of a ladder March which is adjacent to the steps on the side.

It is possible to manufacture the Wooden components with individual dimensions.

Delivery in Ukraine.

A Guarantee Of Quality.

St. Ferroalloy 38