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A hopper for storage of grain raw materials

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2019
Price:39 500 UAH
Company:PKB “Promsel'pr Mel'nichnaya, 23/3 Ukraina gNikolaev
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine
A hopper for storage of grain raw materials

Bins for storage of grain and its products


Made all-metal welded:
-St.3 for painting or stainless steel technical

an inclination angle of 50?; 55?; 60?.
with the inner screw to shoveling stored product

with the aim of lowering its temperature, to prevent the development

fungal mold, caking and spontaneous combustion with subsequent

Loading of raw material is made on top of pneumopercussion, Noria,

screw. Complete cleaning of the residues from the bottom of the cone

-you must open the hatch located at the bottom of it

parts and to turn the auger. Almost the entire balance will be displayed

the tray beyond capacity.
The bunker can be used as a mixer.

1-cylindrical body; 2-front supports; 3-shell bottom;

4-internal screw; 5-the electric drive of the screw; 6-the opening of discharge

the remnants of the material; 7-valve; 8-valve;
9-unloading tray with side walls;10-hatch for audit and

of service capacity.

Technical characteristics of the bunkers with a screw, with a conical

bottom and angle of inclination 60 deg.

These bunkers store except grain and feed. More

bulk materials can be stored in silos with angles

50град. and 55град. The capacity of installed electric

the auger depends on the type of stored material.

Under the order produce tank with different characteristics and

the required height range of unloading stored material.