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Penetrating natural oil for wood Oil Beize

Offer type: salePublished: 02.08.2016
Price:320 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
Is a group of oils: Tung and linseed, as well as specialized additives accelerating the polymerization of the material in the grain of the wood.
Natural, environmentally friendly impregnation oil for wood, Oil Beize consists of natural ingredients that protect the wood from external influences and act as antiseptic. Applied material does not form a film coating. Oil digitaliseren in the fibers of wood, compensates for warm-up and resin yield, while "playing" with the structure of the fibers, wyswietlaj and dimming of different density portions of the tree. Oil Beize safely handles wood, even in outdoor applications under conditions of high temperature difference and moisture gradient.
When processing resinous wood of most film coatings (varnishes and paints) observed peeling and squeezing natural resin. Processing coating natural oil Oil Beize: ensures the integrity of the design, the oil plays with the grain of the wood, regulates the humidity of the wood, prevents it from swelling or drying out, while leaving the pores of the wood open for the withdrawal of vapor and blocks the ingress of moisture, no cracks, no peels, no flakes. The penetration depth of the material depends on the type of wood and the method of impregnation, but even the basic drawing brushes ensures a sufficiently deep penetration.
The upgrade of the coating takes place by spraying on an old Foundation of a new impregnating layer of oil. Wood surface must be cleaned from dust and dirt.

Scope of application: children's furniture and toys, garden furniture (from different species of wood), crates for transport, containers for transportation of fruit and other food products. Protection gazebos, fences, wooden houses, wooden facades, cladding balconies, doors, Windows, sheathing in roofs. Available with heat-treated wood. Combined with alcohol treatment, which does not impede a deep penetration into the wood. With acrylic impregnation will significantly lower the penetration into the structure.
Material properties: the coating protects the wood from external influences, in areas of high humidity, high temperature difference and under normal conditions on the street. Makes the wood water resistant, frost resistance, resistance to direct sunlight and detergents. Does not allow the tree to gain excessive moisture and peresushivaya, inhibits decay due to the natural antiseptics. Covered wood is able to withstand repeated bends, which indicates that the hydrolyzed oils work together with the fibers, deep impregnation ensures the reliability of structures. As a standalone drink slows down the aging process of wood, the application of intensive alcohol tinting and oil treatment, high UV protection, significantly prolongs the interval between restorations, especially true for fences, houses, wooden facades and complex protection of houses.
Theoretical consumption: 25-100 g/m2 for 1 pass.
The price is for 1 kg.