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Recessed adjustable autotransformers ESS 102 ESS 104 ESS 120

Offer type: salePublished: 13.05.2019
Company:OOO "KOEMZ"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Coems sells: Recessed adjustable autotransformers ESS 102 ESS 104 ESS 120 production of the GDR.
The purpose of the adjustable autotransformers:
Designed for manual or controlled regulation voltage AC 50 Hz. As the main load-bearing element included in the design of Electromechanical stabilizers. Easy to create different test stands. Unlike electronic regulators are high efficiency and does not distort the shape of the sinusoidal voltage.
Nominal voltage 230V, 50 Hz.
Adjustment range 0...230/250 V.
Model Nominal
operating current, a dimensions, mm Weight, kg
ESS 102 2 2,6 HH
ESS 104 4 3,8 HH
ESS 106 6,3 5,2 HH
ESS 108 8 7,8 HH
ESS 110 10 8,3 HH
ESS 120 20 14 HH
Design of transformers:
Represent a toroidal transformer with a carbon current collector, rotating on the axis and in contact with an open winding. Open the winding conductors polished and coated with a composition based on Nickel for improved contact and increased durability. The main part of the transformer is placed in a molded plastic case and filled with a special compound.
The ends of the transformer windings and the contact of the current collector are displayed on the contact area. The mounting of the autotransformer by using the holes in the insulated cover. The steel end of the shaft, which by means of a handle or a motor drive control that is electrically isolated from the current collector under tension. Thus, the transformer can be easily installed on the front surface of the control Cabinet.
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