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Vacuum bags. 50x60, 60x80,70*100,80*110,

Offer type: salePublished: 27.08.2015
Price:20 UAH
Seller:kirichenko natal'ya yur'evna
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KYIVSTAR -0963426796, 0933623551-LIFE, 0957514168-MTS NATASHA Vacuum bags compress things and their volume is reduced by 2-3 times! There is no space in the closet? Clothes, blankets and pillows if to pump the air take up much less space! Just put your stuff in the pack Space Bag, evacuate the air cleaner - things stacked in a package that is compressed and its volume is reduced by 2, 3 or even 4 times! The unique technology will help keep Your seasonal items in this form, in which You'll put them in a vacuum bag. In this package Your clothes won't get dirty, not dusty, they won't wrinkle, and the material of the package will serve as a reliable protection from moths and other insects, moisture, dampness, mold, odors and discoloration. Of course, it is not able to. You can use this wonderful vacuum bags home, at the cottage, in the car! They are ideal for traveling, they fit much more things than in a travel bag. Compression bags are designed for storage of bulk items (jackets, winter sweaters, knits). A vacuum bag can be used for transporting bedding, clothes, soft toys, it is very convenient for seasonal storage of blankets and pillows. Vacuum compression pack can be used for any kind of fabric and material: down, feather, wool, cotton, viscose and even fur. Remember that fur vacuum bags should be used only for protection against dust, moths and moisture. Vacuum bags to secure the protection of clothing and bed linen from dust, moisture, mildew, moths, odors. Just put things in a bag and conventional vacuum cleaner suck the air. Works with all types of vacuum cleaners. retail price 50*60 gr. 60*80 23,UAH 70*100 GM 80*110 porn when buying from 20 : 50*po UAH 20.5 60*po UAH 22.50 70*100 UAH 28.5 80*110 PA.Grn there is a great opt ALL PACKAGES IN STOCK!!! Shipping after payment! There are garment covers. cover fabric 60x90=25g. H=30g.