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Welding inverter semiautomatic Warmaster MIG/MMA-260

Offer type: salePublished: 27.08.2015
Price:7 555 UAH
Seller:Svarmetall Mihail
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast', Sumy
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An updated model of WARMASTER MIG/MMA-260
Semiautomatic arc welding WARMASTER MIG/MMA-260 is designed for semi-automatic arc welding consumable electrode at a constant current in gas-shielded (MIG/MAG) or self-shielded wire products low carbon and low alloy steels, and also for manual arc welding stick electrode welding (MMA mode).

1. Supply voltage, 220
2. The mains frequency Hz 50/60
3. Nominal welding current, a 180
4. Nominal operating voltage, At 20,00
5. The nominal mode of operation (RO) in cycle 10 min., % 70
6. Lowest welding current, a 40
7. Most welding current, a 20
8. The regulation of working within
voltage, 10-27
9. Voltage no-load current, 55
10. The diameter of the wire (electrode) of 0.6-1.0
11. The diameter of the electrode at MMA 1,6-4,0
12. The number of pairs of feed the rollers 1
13. Maximum power consumption, kW 4,3
14. Efficiency, % 85
15. Weight 10,5 kg
16. Overall dimensions, mm Hg