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Automatic line for the production banderoling rings for packing of banknotes FDR-210/BK

Offer type: salePublished: 30.07.2018
Company:PAO 'Kievpoligrafmash'
Seller:Sergej Alekseev
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Automatic line for the manufacture of rings for banderoling packing of banknotes FDR-210/BK



The width of the original roll maximum, mm 210

Maximum roll diameter, mm 600

The inner diameter of the sleeve of a roll, mm 76

The shaft mounting of the roll on the unwinding pneumatic

The number of printing apparatuses 3

Paper, g/m2 60 ― 80

Control of the tension on the unwinding pneumatic

The system of drying infrared lamps

Products automatic

Technical speed, PCs/h up to 25,000

Installed power, kW 6,0

Overall dimensions, mm HH

Weight, not more, kg 780

Automatic line for the production banderoling rings for the packing of banknotes FDR-210/PK includes three flexo section, folding and gluing section and the cutting section, accounts and the output of finished products.
     The starting material (paper in roll density of 60...80 g/cm2 ,a width of 210 mm, diameter up to 600 mm.) installed on pneumatic shaft and served in flexo section, where printed text and the colour coding, the fold forms paper cylinder, which after bonding is cut into the desired width. All operations be done automatically by commands controller. Performance – up to 25,000 PCs./HR.

The line provides high quality, compact and easy to maintain.



Sergey Alexeev
Head of sales and marketing Department
PJSC "year"
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