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Reception of waste, expensive. The export of our transport.

Offer type: buyPublished: 19.08.2015
Price:2 500 UAH
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The reception of waste paper and film is expensive, all types of bales and loose.

Kyiv, cosmonaut Komarova Boulevard, 8
Brovary, St. Marshal Krasovsky, 16

you want to hand over paper for recycling? don't know where?
we offer you export waste paper and film
our transport - from 200 kg

- provide certificates of disposal of records, documents -
- weighing -
- calculation immediately in a convenient form

we accept books, flyers, magazines, cardboard, boxes, Newspapers, archives, white, drawing, wrapping, printing paper, cash register tape, bags under dry mixes.

Order the car for export of waste paper and films, right now:
+38(098)721-76-60 | +38(095)449-84-53

Additional information on the website wastepaper.Ukr