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Promine-D metal detector

Offer type: продамPublished: 16.07.2018
Price:650 UAH
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Currency detector "Promin-D" is intended to determine the authenticity of banknotes (as well as securities, certificates, powers of attorney and other instruments) have protection in ultraviolet light. With the help of the currency detector can detect the falsification (cleaning, etching, casting or impregnation of foreign banknotes liquid) made deliberate changes in the UV protection of the banknote or document.

Currency detector "Promin-D" in a metal casing, in comparison with plastic, it is more resistant to mechanical damage, do not deform when heated and does not lose its appearance after a long time.

The housing design of the detector is made so that the UV lamp is located at the uppermost point, the angle of illumination of the UV rays is equal to 120º, and the large size of the window to check the banknotes 110×mm. with cuts on the side that allows you easily to check the bundle into the whole "fan", and each bill separately. The rear wall of the housing of the detector is raised by 7mm. this enables verification of securities, powers of attorney and other documents in A4 format.

Currency detector made according to the specifications, which provide for the sanitary norms and rules of electrical safety.

Great design, good functional and operational characteristics allow to use the currency detector "Promin-D", as in small retail outlets (boutiques, grocery and grocery stores), and in major retail chains, banks.

Currency detector "Promin-D" will be a worthy addition to the trading equipment necessary for automation of a workplace of the cashier.

The characteristic of the detector valueblock upravleniekrovlia ballestrem vkluchenija-2 sendline wave UV Lampi corporealization Pitania÷240V / 50÷60 Spotreba moshnosti Strathmere window for checking banknotes or documents (HxW)h mergim robotechnology least (6W)Conditions expluatatsionnaja temperature+5 to +40ºФизические harakteristicheskaya dimensions (WxDxH), mhms, CH,12