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We offer spare parts for compressor OK

Offer type: salePublished: 13.03.2017
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Beryslav, Ukraine

Good Day!
Our company, "RECKONER" offers replaceable spare parts to the compressor OK.
To Your attention we present the following spare parts to the compressor OK:
1.Cylinder cover (AC.78-2);
2.Cylinder liner (OK.1.02);
3.Ring inlaid with cover piston (OK.22.04);
4.Compression ring (OK.22.05);
5.Compression ring (OK.22.06);
6.Ring matlosane (OK.22.07);
7.The valve plate (OK.86.18);
8.The valve plate (OK.87.03-1);
9.Bushing VGS (OK.123.05-2);
10.The big valve (OK.86.3 SAT-2);
11.The valve is small (OK.87.1 SAT-2);

And other spare parts to the compressor OK. Applications are accepted by phone or email at our email address!!!