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Liquid and solid oils wholesale and retail

Offer type: salePublished: 30.08.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
Liquid oils are faithful helpers in the soap, and not substitutable in the production of cosmetics. Oils in cosmetics are divided into Liquid oils, Solid oils(Butters), water-Soluble oils.
A network of wholesale and retail online stores "Soap-opt. The goods for the soap industry offers You a huge assortment of all types of oils as retail and wholesale of 1 liter.
Liquid base oil: Grape, peach, apricot seed, rice bran, wheat germ, jojoba, macadamia, Shea butter, rosehip, burdock, castor seeds, poppy, olive, avocado, almond.
Water-soluble oils, which are widely used in cosmetic industry: Avocado, macadamia, grape seed. babassu, jojoba. As well as all of us favorite solid oil(Butters: Coconut art, palm WFD, Shea (karite). natural cocoa butter, cocoa mass. palm kernel, cocoa WFD.
Buy liquid and solid oil can on pages of our Internet store both wholesale and retail. www.мыло-опт
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