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Perfumes cosmetics wholesale

Offer type: salePublished: 27.08.2014
Seller:Petrovich Yurij
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Fragrances fragrances very persistent. The widespread use of cosmetic fragrance fills the shelves of all cosmetic shops, where only use cosmetic fragrances. Consider a few examples: fragrances for soap, perfume for shower gels, fragrances for shampoo, fragrances for hair conditioners, perfumes for fabric softeners, perfumes suitable for aromatic candles, fragrances for air fresheners, fragrances for detergents, fragrances for detergents for washing dishes, odorants also used for cosmetics for both men and women, any household chemicals, perfumes for chemicals. As You can see the widespread use of perfumes are endless. Odorants are divided into several categories: cosmetic, water-soluble, dry, granular. Nowadays it is difficult to provide cosmetic preparations which do not contain fragrances. You must agree that many of the product of cosmetics or household chemicals we know by the smell. From this it follows that any product should have its own smell. In order to present the product in the market it is necessary to have not only a unique packaging, unique shape, unique formula, but as You know the unique smell. Our company tries to offer to the market a wide range of perfumes. On pages of our Internet store You will find a huge selection of perfumes for every taste and for any purpose. The highest concentration of fragrance will be most clearly convey one or the aroma of this product. A small percentage of the input perfumes, speaks of its quality. Recommendations for writing fragrances for Soaps handmade no more than 3% for shampoo no more than 0.8 % for aromatic candles not more than 3% liquid soap no more than 0.5% gel is not more than 0.8% Note fragrances cosmetics is strictly prohibited to eat. The Wholesale price is valid when you purchase 2 liters, if you purchase more than 1 liter of cost +10%.
We work all over Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.
Perfumes WHOLESALE and retail 1 liter for the most affordable prices You can buy our wholesale and retail online store: www.мыло-опт
The advantages of working with us:
•shipping the same day
•no pre-payment
•shipping within 24 hours
•work with cash on delivery all over Ukraine
•Free shipment from 400 UAH for Ukraine
•a wide range of products
•we are trusted by over 1 000 000 buyers