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The current warehouse complex

Offer type: salePublished: 27.08.2014
Seller:Mahnev Oleg
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Address:Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Yekaterinburg
SUPER-OBJECT for 3.5 billion rubles!
The current warehouse complex: 54 000 square meters (class b+ and C), including 3 000 sq m of office space. Land 14.5 Hectares in the property.
Sverdlovsk region and Yekaterinburg, occupies a unique geographical position. Ekaterinburg is one of Russia's largest transport and logistics centres, through which the bulk of supplies from the Central and Western regions of Russia to the far East and the region of the Ural-Siberian region, especially to allocate oil and gas producing areas in the North-Western Siberia. The complex good location - exit at Serovskaya tract, proximity to intercity highways and a large ring road around the city of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), which closed in 2017 and will provide unique advantages in terms of sending and receiving loads in all directions. The warehouse complex is directly adjacent to the largest distribution node of the TRANS-Siberian railway and container terminal. On the other hand the fare to the city centre takes 20 minutes.
The project of reconstruction of warehouses from C to B+ designed, coordinated and planned by 2020 (2 warehouse - 6102 square meters has already been done). After the reconstruction of the storage area will be increased to 70.2 thousand square meters, and the yield will increase by more than half. Tenants include major international and Russian companies (Mirelle, a Lot of furniture, Cherkizovo and others).
The complex of paved, fenced, there is a guard, 2 CAT. Access round the clock. Entrance from the lane of St. Nicholas, departure - passenger transport on the translation of St. Nicholas, cargo - Serov on the tract. Ample Parking is located in front of the administrative building and on site. On - site is sufficient turning space for maneuvering of vehicles. The warehouses are equipped with rail and road ramps equipped with forced ventilation, heating, electricity, water, Sewerage. Ceiling height from 5 to 10 meters.
Autonomous gas boiler with a total capacity of 4MW
system power supply 1.8 MW
- centralized water supply and Sewerage
- transformer substations (5 PCs)
- railway sidings and 9 rail stubs, able to accommodate up to 50 cars a day
- 2 private locomotive
- Parking for heavy vehicles area of over 2 Hectares
Park machinery for cleaning of the territory
- The gas station and auto service
pumping station and fire tanks (3 pieces)
- storm sewer
- dining room
- refrigeration
- the weight
- 2-storey administrative building.
Occupancy tenants 98%.
Prospects for development is huge!
The cost of the complex 3 500 000 000 rubles.