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Delivery of the equipment for systems of heating and ventilation surround areas

Offer type: salePublished: 09.08.2018
Seller:Shelkov Sergej
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Address:Russian Federation
LLC "Losev" specializes in the supply of European equipment for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. This range is targeted for use in industrial and commercial facilities: production shops and small workshops, logistics complexes and small warehouses, shopping centres, sports halls, cinemas, religious premises, hotels, business centers and so on
Delivery of the equipment for systems of heating and ventilation volume areas (air and radiant heating):
water heaters (air-heating units, air heaters, air coolers);
infrared heaters (water radiant panels and gas infrared heaters);
- floor and wall gas heaters air heaters, hot air generators, CMO);
- heat exchange modules (section gas heat, gas heaters);
- gas heaters direct heating (mixing burner);
- gas furnace (gas stoves);
- monoblock (roof - Roof Top air conditioners;
- fresh, AHU, Central air conditioners;
- refrigerating machine;
- gas and diesel burners European firms:
- ceiling fans (destratification);
- air curtains.
Companies: AmbiRad (Ambirad), Apen Group (Aermax) (Open Groups, Airmax), CMT clima (urban climate), Elterm (Alarm), Solaronics (Solaronix), Winterwarm (Winterwarm).
Turning to our company with a request for delivery of equipment, you can be assured of a professional approach to business and competitive proposal.