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Pipe torteval series TT

Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2014
Seller:Sharapov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Saratovskaya Oblast', Saratov
The end cutters for machining of pipe ends, they perform the following operations: removing internal and external chamfers on steel pipes, end edge of the pipe, the bore internal diameter.
End cutters series TT, or as they are called tarawalli. mounted in the inner wall of the pipe using 3 self-centering Cams. Cutting heads for these machines, depending on the model have several holders. This allows you to install several different ways depending on the desired operation with the pipe cutters-knives and perform several operations simultaneously. For example: trimming, removing the outer chamfer the bore internal diameter. Axial feed cutting head is carried out manually, which allows you to control the mode of cutting.
All models of these cutters, tortialla can be performed with electric or pneumatic actuator.
Torteval for both thin and thick-walled pipes with wall thickness up to 100 mm is Very useful when working in the field, where the deliver pipe manufacturing (shop) is very long and expensive.