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Machines cutting holes in the existing pipeline with manual transmission HAKS-IN-20R...150R (SV-P)

Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2014
Seller:Sharapov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Saratovskaya Oblast', Saratov
The machines are designed to cut branches in the current pipeline under pressure of the transported fluid to 6.3 MPa conservation sealing the box HAKS-IN-80/150R (SV-P)
•Apply in field conditions and industrial transportation gas, oil, water, steam and other
•Does not require shutdown of the pipeline.
The machine received a permit application for work at hazardous production facilities, issued by the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision.
•Can be supplied for installation on full-flow gate valve or ball valve in accordance with the DN and PN of the range of use of the machine.
•The wall thickness of the pipe 4...20 mm
•Cut the pipe element is held after the opening has been cut and removed when dismantling the machine.
•Manual drive does not require an energy source.
it other ranges use on DN and PN (4,0; 2,5; 1.6 MPa);
mogut to doukomplektovyvatsya drive during operation.
•Tools (circular drill) not supplied, available separately.
•When the order is communicated to the selected version of the tool:
ocalenie drill HSS; drills with brazed carbide inserts.