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Assembly for bevelling MT 760

Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2014
Seller:Sharapov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Saratovskaya Oblast', Saratov
Electric unit MT 760 is designed for handling edges of sheet material for welding. Processing of edges is performed by milling. Can be trimmed billet of carbon and stainless steels and non-viscous non-ferrous metals. This portable plate edge milling unit, equipped with devices to change the angle of the shooting chamfer and radius cutter with manual feed. Integrated Electromechanical system provides stable operation of the drive and protects the electrical circuit from overload.
The working tool disc cutter with nine 4-sided carbide inserts. The speed of rotation of the cutter about 3000 rpm as the wear on the cutting edges produced by the rotation of each plate. This can be done without removing the cutter from the machine. The resistance of the plates is approximately 150 m/n on each of the 4 edges when machining carbon steel-width 3-4 mm, i.e., the set of plates will be enough for about 600 m/n edges. The resistance of the plates is reduced when used in harsh environments, for example, edging after gas cutting, which has increased the hardness of the edge and the shock load on the tool.
All units have adjustable angle shooting chamfers from 15° to 45°, and are adjustable cutting depth.
The operating procedure.
The units are located on the edge of the sheet as follows: the horizontal guide is located on the edge of the sheet, and a vertical guide on the ends of the sheet. Units are moved along the edge in the manual, not detecting problems and vibration in the working process. The processing speed depends on the material and the width is 1.5 m/min
The units are easy enough - from 10 to 13 kg, which can be applied without any additional devices. To improve the working conditions for the operator, it is desirable to use a beam suspensions.
Machining of pipe ends.
For external machining the ends of pipes with a diameter of 160 mm, there is an additional device that is applicable for each of the models.
The beveling.
Using an additional device, you can perform the trimming of the edges, i.e. milling at a right angle. There are also models for processing.