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Assembly for bevelling VM-20

Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2014
Seller:Sharapov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Saratovskaya Oblast', Saratov
Assembly for bevelling VM-20 is used for handling edges of sheet steel before welding, allows the chamfer in the range from 15 to 60 degrees, and taravati edge.
As used in large enterprises and small in terms of commercial and small-scale production.
Edger VM-20 is very convenient and simple in operation. Weighs 20 lbs. In the process, the Assembly is held in place by its own weight, and movement on the treated surface is carried on the rollers, which press factores to the sheet, which allows the operation of the chamfer to do even with a slight force in the cutting direction. The handle of pastoriza performed in a complex form for convenience when working on the sheets and pipes.
To reduce vibration, edger has handles corrugated rubber floor. Drive the unit VM-20 - electric 220 C. the mains Connection is made using a power wire with a plug and grounding. There is also an electronic control system voltage in case of an emergency edger VM-20 turns off the power automatically.
Pastores comes in ready to work condition. One essential task is to configure the unit VM-20 to the desired width of cut and angle adjustment for milling operations-chamfer.
The unit VM-20 uses two end milling cutters, which contains 6 symmetrically carbide inserts, a total of 12 in the package. Processing the surface of the chamfer is produced by counter milling. The estimated wear plates comes after 200 meters per calculation on each edge of the plate.
Technologically, Pastores VM-20 allows operation-chamfer the whole width of the cut at 20 degrees, just for once. Pre-treat the surface after cutting gas is not necessary. But based on the experience of our customers operation, the chamfer 20 degrees we recommend that you take two times, first remove 10 degrees, and then the rest.
- small dimensions, ergonomics, easy operation;
- obtaining a very high quality of the processed surface;
- potential end and a chamfer width up to 20 mm;
- machining the ends of pipes with a diameter of more than 160 mm;
- very easy and fast adjustment of the desired angle and depth of the chamfer.
Assembly for bevelling VM-20 is successfully operating on the market for over 10 years. Pastores VM-20 is very popular in the factories of steel structures, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.