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The equipment for manufacture of thermal efficiency units (ufacturing)

Offer type: salePublished: 19.08.2014
Seller:Komarov Sergej
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod
Dear friends, I offer You a range of machines and equipment for production of high-tech, cost-effective building material, unprecedented in the building materials market no!
The payback period of the equipment 4 working weeks!
Performance Automatic line - 15-30 cubic meters per day. The equipment allows for the issuance of all required sizes.
The main advantages of automatic lines and machines for the production of blocks:
1.No forms to fill - saving time for dismantling, cleaning and assembling of forms;
2.High performance - production of one unit 1min.;
3.The absence of a drying chamber (temperature drying unit 18-19 degrees) - power saving;
4.Material savings in the manufacture of the base layer is to reduce the cost of the finished unit.
5. A small area of 50-60m2 (height 3M) for installing the main equipment in comparison with lines similar performance - savings on rental space.
6.The cost of line in comparison with lines of the same performance - cost line Teplosten performance 20m3 - 4.5 million rubles
The latest development is particularly relevant as it directly relates to energy-saving technologies, which are now given special attention.
1.Installing our equipment in the shops, You rationally use workspace, which is of great importance, when the production area is limited.
2.The use of General access and cheap raw materials.
3. Technological line LLC "OTP Company will allow to produce a wide range of products and Construction material teleblock, finishing stone facade slabs, paving blocks, paving slabs, fences, fragments of sculptures, etc.
4.Acquiring technological systems, You save money, we implement high-performance and affordable line
5.We organize training give methods of work, provide qualified service and advice.
You have the opportunity to become the first, and perhaps the only manufacturer of thermal efficiency of units in your area.
Teleblock is a modern building material, is rapidly gaining popularity, is used for the construction of a nonvolatile buildings and structures in the sharply continental climate, is a record holder for a thermal resistance through the use of inexpensive and high-tech materials.
Main advantages:
• Environmentally friendly
• Cost of finished units and high speed of construction of buildings
• Fire safety
• High strength, low weight tallbloke 22kg.
• Heat and sound insulation
• Strength, durability
• Reduce the load on the Foundation 3 times
• Save installation costs
• No need of cladding and insulation
• Low cost of the unit and consequently reducing the cost of construction