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Machines for production&, payback - month!

Offer type: salePublished: 19.08.2014
Seller:Komarov Sergej
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod
Machines OTP Company", this is the first and only able to produce a full-fledged multi-layered and multi-colored blocks that do not pass water (known as "Teplosten", "Polyblock", "Tableblock", "Krennerich" and so on) by semidry pressing.
And "flexible" technology, the blocks are available, by request:
different sizes,
different shapes (proemnyh, belt, bow, half column, palavinka-arkarna-proemnyh.... and that is not all!),
a wide selection of textures and color and multi-color design.
The technology is easily adaptable to all technology cast stone.
The equipment takes up little space and consumes a minimum of resources, the small state.
- High performance (15 cubic meters/shift or 1 cottage for 3-5 days). Fast payback (less than one month).
The service does not require "engineering" training, the machine is virtually uninterrupted. Changeover takes (real) minutes.
1.Installing our equipment in the shops, You rationally use workspace, which is of great importance, when the production area is limited.
2.The use of General access and cheap raw materials.
Low water / cement ratio is below 18%, which ensures a high physico-mechanical characteristics.
3.Our production facilities are reliability, functionality, compactness. You can build, modify, update, add, depending on changing market conditions or in connection with the expansion/conversion business. Technological line LLC "OTP Company will allow to produce a wide range of products and Construction material teleblock, finishing stone facade slabs, paving blocks, paving slabs, fences, fragments of sculptures, etc.
4.Acquiring technological systems, You save money, we implement high-performance and affordable line. Our mechanisms, units can be purchased as large industrial unions, and small companies, private entrepreneurs, whose specialization is the production of construction and finishing materials.
5.We organize training give methods of work, provide qualified service and advice