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The dispenser 10.44 220V, RE.44 V, RE.3.44 G

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2018
Our company implements the valves with solenoid control type:
1) the hydraulic Distributor alternating current voltage VE-10.44 220V W W, RE-10.34-220 V-380 V-110, PX-10.44 220V 380V 110V,
2) Spool hydraulic valve RE-10.3.44 G12 G, PA.44 G-12, G-24 VE-10.44-E 220V, 50Hz domestic and imported, including Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and other at wholesale prices, with delivery to any region.
LLC Hydro Maine Caliper Ukraine, Zaporozhye
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