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Charcoal briquettes- "Pad".

Offer type: salePublished: 18.08.2014
Seller:Dmitrij, Ol'ga
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Zhytomyr
Sell charcoal Briquette-shape pillow
Designed for heating fireplaces, barbecues and grills.
Packaging PP bag 20kg., Big bag 400-kg. small packing between 2-10kg. in Kraft bag according to customer's request . There is the possibility of ordering Kraft bags with customized logo and barcode
burns longer than 4 hours.
no smell, no smoke, no spark
does not contain chemical additives
volume of more than 300 tons/ month
price 4500 UAH/t PP bag or big race.
Charcoal briquettes does not include harmful substances , vegetable origin raw materials ensures environmental safety when using. Charcoal briquettes-environmentally friendly product that is used for cooking, grilling, BBQ facilities and is an ideal fuel for Mangalia, fireplaces, stoves, and so on, Surely You already know the advantages of briquettes of charcoal such as: - briquettes from charcoal spark when burning; - if transportation is not crushed; - charcoal briquettes no dust; - qualitative indicators are not inferior to original raw material, at the time of combustion and heating value is superior to charcoal at times. Everyone , from the restaurant and to the ordinary consumer will find in our products for yourself the positive side from the use of briquettes, whether it is economically justified cost or aesthetically attractive appearance evenly smoldering coals in the fireplace
non-volatile carbon - min 65%
humidity not more than 5%
ash content not more than 15 %
calorific value-7000-8500 Kcal
Ukrkompleksbud, LLC
Zhitomir, UA
Varlamov Dmitry Leshchenko, Director
Tel:+380 (63) 677-86-78, +380 (68) 171-33-80