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Pleasure boat - URGENT SALE!

Offer type: salePublished: 13.08.2014
Seller:Lad'ya Yurij
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Address:Russian Federation, Samarskaya Oblast', Samara
Release date: 2010.
Color: white. Prevalent gray.
Overall length: 19,7 m
Width overall: to 3.58 m
Height overall: 4,45 m
Board height: 2,40 m
Load capacity: 1,2 T.
Passenger capacity: 12 people
Speed: 13 km/H.
Sediment in the cargo: 0,40 m in the fore part 0.2 m, at the aft end of 0.5 meters
Navigation area: MP (sea route), GDP (inland waterway shipping), EAP (waterways internal non-navigable).
Distance from shore: up to 5 000 m
Fuel capacity: 1 000 HP
Case material: steel. All-metal, welded with cross-system set with a bow, side and aft deck enclosure.
The thickness of plating: plate - 5 mm, Board - 4 mm
Deck deck: 4 mm
Engine: diesel. YAMZ-M-1
Power: kW (l.with.)
Mileage: 110 hours.
Registration: registration GIMS made.
Ship location: the city of Samara.