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Produce, supply transformers, switches, actuators, capacitors, switchgear at an affordable price

Offer type: salePublished: 11.08.2014
Seller:Ivanova Alla
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Shakhty
Camera SCC-III, SCC-IV , SCC-VI , CSR-298, CSR-285, CSR-272, KRU K-63, 59, 47, SHCHO-70
Switches oil WMPA, VMP, VPM, VMG, tick-borne encephalitis
The high-voltage circuit breakers C-35, TDC-110
Actuators PP-67, RPL-10, PE-11
Condensing units UKL-56, UKL-57
Capacitors KS-2-6,3 N1, KS-2-0,38-50-U, EC 2-6,3-45-U, KAC-2-10,5-150-U
Transformers IOIE-10, TFSM-35, MP, TOL, TLC
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