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The removal of soil and construction debris

Offer type: servicesPublished: 10.08.2014
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Address:Russian Federation
The company "Expert"
During the implementation of construction works of any kind are made working with the land. Absolutely any structure has a base, and for him to dig a pit. It seems like easy to take to dig and remove soil. But, the quality of earthworks directly depends on the durability of building and safety in the building people. For this reason, it is necessary to remove the soil.
Then come to the aid of a company Expert. It should be remembered that the removal of soil has a potential danger to the environment, and this means that you need to comply with environmental requirements. We export to a special area. Our company has all necessary licenses and other documentation for removal of soil or construction debris.
We have been working for over 5 years and during that time has handled many construction firms and companies. About us respond in a very positive way. We have all the necessary modern equipment for removal of debris and soil.
And all these services are carried out by our company is Expert at an affordable price. Our company employs only the best professionals who will produce all types of work qualitatively and in a short time! Please contact us, we guarantee quality work!
Best price by area:
Parnassus - from UB/m3
Vasilievsky island from 250rub/m3
Petrograd from UB/m3
Kupchino - from UB/m3
Petrodvorets from UB/m3
Krasnogvardeyskiy from UB/m3
Kirov - from UB/m3
Leningrad region on request
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