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How to solve all the problems with the boiler for 1 visit

Offer type: salePublished: 09.08.2014
Seller:Oborudovanie Dmitrij
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast'
Absolutely every one who came to us customers did not know that there is equipment such as Pellet boiler". Company LLC Rosellyn" you have developed a solution completely removes the issue of boiler device, following which you will be able to save an average of 60 000 rubles per year, if you do not have access to the main gas. Free access specialist now. Benefits of our collaboration:  Free specialist for your construction project, for the necessary measurements.  1 service at the end of the heating season.  Advanced advice on the arrangement of internal engineering systems of your building, including working out before. design decisions.  Completely filled the pot at the start.  All work is done by people with specialized education.  the Conclusion of a formal contract, and the performance dates on it.  Free development of the project boiler to 100 kW, a construction cost estimate. Price in the estimate does not change throughout the entire construction process.  equipment directly from the factory ─ we are the official distributors  Turning to us, you get confidence and peace of mind for the result. 2. Delivery time: the Equipment is shipped from a warehouse in St. Petersburg, or the transport company at the customer's choice. In the absence of stock, the delivery time - check with the Manager, the delivery time of the boiler equipment 3-4 weeks. 3. Warranty:  24 months on the equipment after delivery of the equipment;  24 months on the job, since the 1st start-up and commissioning of the system  Forever round the post. warranty paid service with self-service. Facts: 60 thousand rubles a year you will save, if will be heated pellets, and not by electricity or diesel (modern house 150 m2 ). 100 thousand rubles on average you will save on design and installation works, because many services you will be free. 2 weeks will be held in the boiler until the filling is completely empty bin, on average, during the heating period. 1 free visit of our specialist will need in order to make all decisions on your future boiler. 6 steps of construction of the boiler on the basis of pellet boiler:  Specialist will arrive at the object, where the subject will tell, advise and answer all the questions of the devices of the boiler.  After signing the contract of supply to the boiler, will be free production design of the boiler, including Assembly drawings piping boiler and chimney, the draft will be sent for approval.  After approval of the project, specifications of equipment and materials is formed and agreed estimate of the boiler and the contract for installation.  supply of the boiler. Paid shipping and skidding of the boiler in the boiler room. You also receive for free delivery service, acquisition of equipment and materials for the entire boiler room  installation of the boiler within the time specified in the contract  Is free the first start-up, commissioning of equipment, training of work with the equipment As possible to save:  the specialist is free, the average cost of services in the city is 2000 R.  working draft boiler to 100 kW, with the current level of prices for design work ranges from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles, having a large pool made such decisions, we desempeno, because all of our solutions, unified  Transport costs are included in the cost of installation and are not charged separately, the cost of such service order 6000 rubles on the boiler up to 200 kW  Commissioning in the volume of the boiler free, we believe that a contractor performing work on the installation, is responsible for the work, and commissioning of the equipment must perform. As a result, this service is not charged and is already included in the cost of installation. On average, it additionally cost from 7 000 to 15 000, T. D. when the capacity of the boiler up to 300 kW.  We collect boiler German components, using the technique of fast installation Meibes. Period of work in our company, boiler capacity up to 100 kW is 5 days. Savings on installation works will average 15 000 RUR  We do not create problems, because we offer a complex solution. We really appreciate your time and his. Work on coordination is minimal, the representative of the customer only need to give the keys to the boiler and to come when all is done, take the job. All documents on components and boiler are made for 1 times. 90 thousand rubles 1 boiler is minimum savings if you will be working with us.