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ORTUS, K. S. 50ml.

Offer type: salePublished: 05.08.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Vyshhorod
ORTUS, K. S. Active substance: fenpyroximate (50 g / l)
Preparative form: suspension concentrate
The MAIN advantages of Ortus:
Ortus causes immediate paralysis of all motile stages of mites and dramatically reduces oviposition by mechanism of action, which is characterized by three important processes:
the nerve impulse (rapid paralysis)
oxidative phosphorane (full stop processes)
hormonal status of molting and metamorphosis (termination of the development cycle of the tick)
Broad spectrum acaricide action
Effect quick "knockout" punch and long-term effects (one treatment per season)
Complete destruction of mobile stages of phytophagous mites: larvae, nymphs and adults, as well as high Oficina action
The absence of cross-resistance in mites that are resistant to other acaricides
The lack of adverse effects on entomophages, including predatory mites (Typhloctonus formosus, Amblyseius makeziei etc.), and beneficial insects, including bees
No phytotoxicity to the cult
R High resistance to adverse environmental factors (high temperature, strong insolation, precipitation
) Compatible with most crop protection products used to protect Apple trees, grapes and hops, fertilizers, growth regulators
Lowest pesticide load on the environment.