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Wedding cake to order Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Price:140 UAH
Company:Internet kafe Lakomka
Seller:Zaharova Nataliya
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The wedding cake is a luxurious treat that will cause great excitement among all present. Wedding cake is the pinnacle of culinary th art. It's a real holiday miracle. And I will try to make for You not only delicious, but also beautiful cake, which will decorate Your event.In the wedding there are no trifles, all the points are important. Most importantly, everything must be unusual and memorable, every detail – to meet the tastes and requirements of the couple and the guests.

The table at weddings, breaking from food, but only one meal was given the title "wedding" is a cake. Of course, it has become a tradition all over the world – people, regardless of nationality and religion will never abandon the wedding cake. Among the variety of exquisite dishes that Your cake will be a king on holiday – will make a great event solemnity and grace. Each tiny flower on the wedding cake, original design and tastefully selected colors will give it refinement and tenderness, and the whole ceremony will be unforgettable.

You can choose as traditional cakes (bird's milk, honey, Prague) and exclusive cakes.

Cake order for a wedding is simple – select any shape, size, decorations. The cake can also be made at the request of the client, given the design of the Banquet hall, flower decorations and bride's attire. Cutting the wedding cake, the bride and groom start a new life together. And may it be sweet... a wedding cake can be on the phone 0990357285 , 1-2 months, the earlier the order , the more likely that your desired date is free.

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Price for 1 kg cake -140 UAH.

Minimum order 3 kg

Wedding cakes each tier can be a separate cake.
All cakes made by me covered and decorated with sugar paste.

When choosing the weight of the cake, I suggest that you proceed at a rate of 150-200 gr. per person.
the tiering cake cake Weight
Single From 3 kg.
Bunk 5 kg.
Three of 7 kg.
Tiered of 12 kg.