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Turbocharger TCRN 92.000 T T D ± 10 TCR.S 51-54-SP

Offer type: salePublished: 27.03.2017
Price:1 300 UAH
Seller:Vasil'ev Eduard
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

TKR 11 H3 T.T.± 10 (AP)CTZ/Valt(nopaste)

The use of turbocharger on tractors: bulldozer T-130, T-130B, T-170 M 01.Compatibility with the engine: D-160/160 M, D-170.Manufacturer engine :Chelyabinsk tractor plant

Supply turbocharger kg/s: 0.185 ± 0.0013
The degree of pressure increase: 1.53
The diameter of the compressor wheel (mm): 110
The diameter of the turbine wheel (mm): 110
The rotational speed of the rotor shaft (R/min): 45000
The efficiency of the compressor, not less than: 0.6
Overall dimensions, mm, not more: HH
Weight, not more than: 22 kg
Note: the sale is the TCR turbocharger N with repair the rotor of the turbocharger TKR N. Efficiency of the turbocharger on 10-15% less, respectively, it also affects its price. Distinctive the feature is the number of blades on the turbine wheel, factory their performance must be 13.