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OSB-3 waterproof

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:127 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Covering external and internal walls, partitions having high strength characteristics and resistance to deformation, OSB-3 plate can be used with all types of external and internal facing surfaces;
· The basis for roofing (solid sheathing of the roof) - good sound absorption and high rigidity, and the ability to withstand heavy snow and wind loads allow you to use OSB-3 as the basis for concrete tile, metal, slate and other roofing materials;
· Flooring-1 (including rough floors) - strong, rigid and shock-resistant OSB-3 is used in construction to create the reference surfaces (this can be as solid flooring, and bearing joists);
· Flooring-2 (including single-layer floors) in light building structures OSB-3 can directly be used as flooring: stove just closes above the linoleum or carpet, self-leveling lightweight concrete mixture or sexual boards;
· The reference surface is sanded OSB-3 provides a nice, smooth and homogeneous underlying surface for the lag or facing of plastic material;
· I-beam - high-quality support structure, preventing displacement, deflection, and squeak in the floor and wall slabs in wooden construction;
· Removable formwork for concrete works - sanded and special laminated films OSB plate can be repeatedly used as concrete formwork;
· Packaging, pallets - OSB-3 is an excellent material for the production of high quality packaging: crates, boxes, containers, etc.