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Repair and setup laptops

Offer type: servicesPublished: 27.08.2013
Seller:Semashko Dmitrij
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Laptops, like all portable devices, significantly more prone to accidental damage than fixed devices. Because you use this technique at work and at home, take it on the road and on vacation. Now more common to see a person with a laptop at a table in a cafe or in the Park.
Quite often the reason for treatment in the service laptop repair are spilled on the laptop or liquid damage associated with the fall of the laptop.
No less common problem is damage to the matrix monitor, clogging of the cooling system, failure of power supply or hard drive laptop, cracked housing.
Our service center successfully cope with any problem and will provide full technical support for your laptop.
The specialists of "green Service" perform all kinds of repairs and upgrading laptops:
- repair and configure laptops;
- screen repair of laptop and replacing the display, matrix);
- repair and replacement of the inverter, the backlight of the screen, loop matrix;
- repair and replace laptop keyboard, install the missing buttons;
- repair and replacement of the chassis (or a separate body parts) laptop;
- restore the laptop after liquid;
- disassembly cleaning laptop from dust, cleaning the fan laptop, repair and replacement of the cooling system of the laptop (cooler);
- repair or replacement batteries, battery chargers, power supplies laptop;
- repair and replace the hard drive with the recovery of lost information;
- system repair laptop power, repair the charger laptop or connector replacement laptop power and sockets power adapter laptop;
- modernization of the laptop and replacing the RAM, motherboards, DVD drives, video cards and other components;
- the upgrade and modernization of the laptop;
- reinstall windows on the laptop.
Before laptop repair, our professional experts perform an in-depth analysis. It is not always required, the replacement or repair of expensive components. Often the problem lies in the software failure or malfunction of the driver. And deal with it only by a qualified service technician computer technology.
If your laptop is a complex damage and to repair it financially impractical, our service center will be able to buy it for parts. It is better to get money for the non-working laptop than simply throw it away.
We value Your money and time! Laptop repair is our job and we do it quickly and efficiently!