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Blow molding machine (plant) MN-500 for ecowool

Offer type: salePublished: 20.05.2018
Seller:Evgenij Efimovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Ryazanskaya Oblast', Ryazan'
Professional blow molding machine (plant) MN-500 is intended for injection of fibrous insulation with high performance insulation construction: roofs, walls, floors, facades, etc.
The car has: high performance vane feeder-dispenser, the motor reducer (made in Italy), and two high-performance turbine - blower (USA), able to seal the insulation in design to the desired density ( up to 70 kg/cubic meter) and set the heater to a considerable height (up to 5 floors) and distance (up to 100m). In the receiving hopper of the machine is equipped with two horizontal agitator effectively loosening the insulation on the individual fibers.
Adjustment of flow rate and discharge pressure is carried out by the flap of the feeder and the change in speed of rotation of the blowers for which the machine is equipped with a controller of the amount of material feed and the speed of the blower. Machine is equipped with a cap table.
MN-500 reliable in operation and easy in maintenance.
The machine can be easily disassembled into two pieces for easy transport in the car. Minimum operating ambient temperature minus 10 degrees C.
Machine is equipped with a hose length 30 m, internal diameter 60 mm
Main technical data
1.Performance maximum, kg/CAS
2.Bin capacity, M30,3
3.Height of the material, M30
4.Diameter, mm
5.Installed capacity, kWt,2
6.Voltage, 220V
7.Frequency, Hz
8.Dimensions, LxWxH, mmhh
9.Mass, kg
Features of the machine for blowing ecowool MN-500:
-high performance
-reliability design
modular easy folding design, a small amount of electronics simplify repair and maintenance
-easy Assembly, set up and dismantling
-convenience in transportation (trucking and moving the object)
-stability technical parameters
-integrity and capacity of the pneumatic system
-the possibility of equipping a kit for wet deposition
-one year warranty with servicing (does not apply to wearing parts)
-detailed instruction manual
In the receiving hopper is loaded compressed insulation, using a system of turners is loosening and filing with the operating compartment, where under pressure, ecowool is served by transport sleeve (hose) to the place of construction. Dosing entering the feeder material is carried out by rotating the handle associated with the flap of the hopper.
For easy transport of the machine, a hopper is removable.