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Resistance spot welding MTP-16053

Offer type: salePublished: 17.05.2018
Seller:Efimovich Efimovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Ryazanskaya Oblast', Ryazan'
Machine resistance spot welding MTP-16053 high-speed compact machine for intensive work on a variety of productions, with reduced requirements for operating conditions.
The machine is designed for welding with alternating current sheet materials from mild steel, stainless and galvanized steel, aluminum and titanium alloys, copper, brass, and construction reinforcement and masonry grid. The car is certified, the most important sites are protected by patents of the Russian Federation.
MTP-16053 is microprocessor controlled modes of operation with digital display, an electromagnetic actuator and integrated closed-loop liquid cooling system of electrodes. Supply hoses to the electrodes is also hidden. Given the differences make the machine offline, requiring only a network of 380 C.
The machines are manufactured with the departure of the electrodes from 350 mm to 700 mm Possible staffing feeder that allows you to extend the capabilities of welding.
Machine resistance spot welding MTP-16053:
- does not require compressed air system, water supply and sanitation
- has a maximum secondary current 19 kA
- has a maximum welding current of 16 kA to basic flight 600 mm
- has high efficiency, up to 90 welds per minute
- design of trunk and electrodes (finger and cap) allows you to perform a wide range of basic flight electrodes 600 mm (from 350 to 700 mm).
Operating conditions MTP-16053:
- ambient temperature from -10 to 40 °C ;
- relative humidity up to 90% at 25 °C
- atmospheric pressure of from 60 to 104 kPa (450 to 780 mm RT. Art.)
Voltage pitaniya/220
Power consumption, mokwa
Most secondary tocca
Maximum welding current kA
Weldable thickness of sheet materials
- low carbon stalm + 4
- galvanized stalm,3 + 1,3
- stainless stalm,7 + 1,7
- cadmium-plated stalm,3 + 1,3
- titanium splavy,7 + 1,7
- aluminum splavy,9 + 0,9
- medium,3 + 0,3
- laterm,5 + 0,5
Welded diameters fittings
class A1, VM + 14
class A2, VM + 10
- galvanized Armaturen + 4
Fundamental differences from similar machines welding:
1.Autonomous built-in liquid cooling system
2.Electromagnetic actuator
3.Hidden cooled electrodes
4.Special design of trunk and electrodes
5.The presence of modifications to the finger electrodes
6.Microcontroller regulator welding
-Autonomous built-in liquid cooling system eliminates the need to provide water supply and Sewerage. In addition, this system is integrated in the housing of the machine, which reduces its dimensions.
An electromagnetic drive eliminates the need to bring the compressed air, which gives advantages over pneumatic actuator. This is especially important where there is no airset, because otherwise you would have to buy another compressor. At the same time, the electromagnetic actuator provides performance of up to 90 welds per minute and allows you to perform a large amount of work that gives certain advantages over other types of drives. The presence of two pedals allows you to apply the cyclic modes, multipulse, and a single weld.
-Hidden cooled electrodes (without protruding hose), special design of trunk and electrodes, makes it possible to weld the parts close to the electrodes, with a minimum flanging, welding cylinders and boxes, welding wire and rebar, as well as to welding parts located inside drawers, boxes, cylinders, etc.
-The presence of modifications to the finger electrodes can be welded pipes Ø 60 mm and length up to 500 mm
-Microcontroller regulator welding provides quality welding in the following modes:
- automatic continuous welding;
- welding of single pulses;
- edit and aiming (compression without welding and deferred welding);
- multipulse mode welding;
- deferred welding;
- manage multiple machines from one pedal; (for example, when welding the wire mesh in several places).
MTP-16053 is available in different versions, differing in the length of the departure and applied by electrode cap and finger. The letter P in the marking indicates a modification to the finger electrodes.
ICTR-16053-35 - departure electrodes 350 mm
ICTR-16053-35P - departure electrodes 350 mm, finger electrodes
ICTR-16053-45 - departure electrodes 450 mm
ICTR-16053-45P - departure electrodes 450 mm, finger electrodes
ICTR-16053-50 - departure electrodes 500 mm
ICTR-16053-50P - departure electrodes 500 mm, finger electrodes
ICTR-16053-60 - departure electrodes 600 mm
ICTR-16053-60P - departure electrodes 600 mm, finger electrodes
ICTR-16053-70 - departure electrodes 700 mm
ICTR-16053-P - departure electrodes 700 mm, finger electrodes
Diverse range of welded materials and high performance provide a wide use of machines in various industries and small businesses. A large flight of the electrodes, no hoses to cool the electrodes and the ability to weld stainless and galvanized steels, allow the use of MTP-16053 for the manufacture of critical parts of complex configuration.
Machine can be used in any room, at low temperatures, in any room, outside under a canopy.
Thanks to these features it will be convenient and useful for different types of industries. Dimensions, weight and autonomy of the machine allow, if necessary, easy to move and quick to get to work.