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I find listening bugs in Your office , apartment , machineprofile to sleep...

Offer type: servicesPublished: 23.08.2013
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Address:Republic of Kazakhstan
To install the "bug", it is not necessary to undergo training in the CIA. There are many options and scenarios. The man who came into office under the pretext of a job interview for admission to work, enough time to look around, chat with the staff, and at the same time to set the "bugs". But to calculate it then it will be very difficult. Many tiny parts and components of radio equipment specially designed to create a listening devices. Microscopic microphone multi-purpose, for example, you can hide almost anywhere. Of all listening devices bugs, working on radio, the most widely distributed. They are very cheap and easy to use, and you can buy them almost anywhere - the Internet is full of ads about buying and selling various listening devices, especially radio. Moreover, they are universal. And who said that you can use them to spy only for partners and competitors? Not only business, but also the private life can easily turn into "the first reality show on radio" without the knowledge of its "participants". Enough to give them some beautiful potted plant, which will be accompanied by the "bug". Or a book with a bookmark in which it will be hidden. It can hide in the office and at home. Even if it was just a joke some particularly witty friends, to laugh at it you probably will. But even worse, if you do absolutely wrong to you people.
To protect themselves from "bugs" is quite simple - you just have to know how to find them.
Refer to protect yourself seven days a week , but the time coordinate in advance 8 014 777 54 64