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Manufacture of stainless steel equipment,tanks,barrels,tables,carts,racks

Offer type: salePublished: 12.08.2013
Seller:Drozd Aleksej
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Sell Chupa Territorially D glad to offer You wide range of products made of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, special steels.
Alexey Tel:
+375 (29) 315-50-13
+375 (17) 288-75-83
The manufacturing of stainless steel equipment:
Storage containers, metal containers, containers stainless steel drums and metal tanks, barrels and tanks stainless steel tanks, storage tanks, water tanks - manufacture of various tanks of stainless steel and ferrous metals (0,01 m3 to 100 m3 for various industries: food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, cosmetic, perfume, etc.
Types of containers:
For carrying out process can be used to process products with accessories - different types of mixers, heating, shirt, which is warm or cold water, measuring and adjusting elements.
For storage - designed for storage of raw materials, mainly liquid.
Compensation is designed to provide a constant inlet to the pumps and to create a circulating path for cooling or heating the tank with a shirt.
Execution of tanks, tanks, tanks, barrels:
Vertical adjustable legs:
from monohull to trehkorpusny;
equipped with a jacket;
Equipment tanks, tanks, tanks, barrels:
The mixing device is a propeller, anchor, paddle, magnetic, cage, erase, thrust bearing, turbine, special, according to customer requirements stirrers. You can install depending on the needs in the lid, the casing bottom.
The lid and the bottom is smooth, convex, conical flared or without flanging - angles o.
Measuring and regulating elements - level sensors, readers, thermometers, thermostats, servo-valves, electronically - controlled valves. Can be supplied complete with control panel.
Luke gravity, oval, round.
The cleaning elements of the cleaning balls, detergents brackets, detergent injector.
Shirts for heating or cooling - double hull politrabochiy coil, U-shaped profile.
The vent valve of the air jet, vapor or vacuum valves, special valves on demand.
Insulation housings, stainless steel welded or riveted; material - stainless steel, galvanized sheet, sheet aluminum, filler - mineral wool or foam depending on the operating temperature.
The material of manufacture of tanks: stainless steel AISI 304, 321 and so on
Carry out installation of tanks and containers, repair of tanks and reservoirs, installation of technological equipment and installation of technological pipelines of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
We manufacture belt conveyors) stationary of any configuration and complexity for various industries:
straight and grooved tape;
horizontal and inclined;
with reverse and without reverse;
stainless steel and black metal;
with flanges and without flanges;
Food processing equipment
The equipment for the brewing industry, for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages:
capacity stainless steel with a volume of 0.05 m3 to 200 m3;
storage tanks for beer, wine, spirits, mineral water, fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks, kvass (vertical, horizontal, flat, spherical, conical bottom, and others);
the cumulative capacity (with different mixing devices, with jackets for heating and cooling, with the coil in the form of a U-shaped profile, built-in or external heat exchangers);
capacity with insulated jackets (thermos);
blending capacity