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Sale of chemical products

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO "Barit Sibiri"
Seller:Andrej Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Kemerovskaya Oblast', Kemerovo
We offer to supply: Barite gravity THAT 1769-001-65161518-2013 Inert dust limestone GOST R 51569-2000 Inert hydrophobic dust GOST R 51569-2000 Mineral powder MP-1 inactivated GOST R 52129-2003 Mineral powder MP-1 activated GOST R 52129-2003 Carbonate weighting agent (any particle size distribution from 20 to 315 microns) Limestone flour GOST 26826-86 Ochre-2 TU 301-10-019-90