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Plywood FC,FCM,PSF, moisture-proof, waterproof, under the flooring, the formwork.

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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

FC plywood

The basic properties of plywood glued FK brand:

plywood glued intended for use in construction and furniture designs, protected from moisture, produced for both the domestic demand and supply for export;

plywood glued manufactured on imported equipment checks all the requirements of the foreign non-waste technology.

Raw materials, which did pass the entrance control. To prevent cracking of the ends of the logs are colored, the logs are stored in pools of water. Technological waste is used in the manufacture of fiberboard.

Ready Parubiy veneer is dried in the drying units of the AWG-25M at a temperature of 280-300C. Dried veneer is sorted, processed and delivered to the site collection packages and gluing plywood. Gluing the plywood is on the presses P-714 at a temperature of 115-135°C. the Finished plywood is cut to the desired format, polished, sorted and packaged in packs. Packed plywood after checking CPD comes to the composition of finished products for sale. In addition to unpolished plywood made one or two-sided sanding plywood.

WBP plywood (waterproof plywood)

Moisture resistant plywood (waterproof plywood is a popular building material.
Plywood is birch, pine and mixed. Each type of plywood has its advantages. Birch plywood is used in conditions of high load. Softwood plywood differs from birch plywood lighter weight. Special properties of plywood attached to the resin and varnishes, which allows us to produce water-resistant plywood (waterproof plywood). There are three types of waterproof plywood.

WBP plywood as any plywood consists of glued together several sheets of veneer.

WBP plywood has high strength, stable form.

WBP plywood is easily processed. So, plywood PSF can be processed by means of lamination, paints, varnishes.

For the production of plywood PSF used mainly birch veneer. Sometimes for the production of plywood used beech and pine veneer. Plywood PSF form of 3-5 sheets of veneer. Gluing plywood PSF is made of synthetic resin or natural glue.

WBP plywood has a high mechanical strength. Plywood PSF is widely used in manufacturing and construction.

WBP plywood (high resistance), the most suitable for the device of the bases under the parquet floor. She has increased strength and glued with waterproof phenol-formaldehyde glue. The thickness of the plywood PSF purchased for use in the base under the flooring should not be less than 10mm.Thanks plywood raises the elasticity of the floor, to go on such a floor is much easier than laid on a concrete floor.

Advantages of plywood FSF:

significant strength and durability

quick installation and easy handling

increased resistance of plywood

plywood PSF easily combined with other materials

The use of plywood FSF:

construction, construction works