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Lycopodium ( spores) are used in alternative medicine as an antiseptic powder for infants with weeping eczema, diaper rash, bed sores and burns.

With treatment, use the spores of Lycopodium clavatum the author, its choleretic, diuretic, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant property.

Folk medicine infusion dispute or uses herbs as anti-inflammatory, emollient, antispasmodic and anodyne, liver diseases, gastritis, enterocolitis, cystitis, kidney stones and bladder, gastrointestinal pain, cramps, spasms, bronchitis, laryngotracheitis. Outwardly infusion of spores used for baths, douches, lotions in various skin diseases: scabies, herpes, itchy rashes, boils, bruises, wounds, skin lesions and for local baths. The dry powder used for powder burns wounds and diaper rash.