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Ion-exchange resin AquaKut - packing liters 0,438

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:30 UAH
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Ion-exchange resin AquaKut - packing 0,438 liters


Purpose: for softening and demineralization potable waters.


It is recommended as a pluggable load in reusable the cartridges drinking systems. Volume of package is designed to fill reusable cartridge standard size Slim Line.


The work load is ion exchange is a process by which dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium replaced by harmless sodium ions that do not form solid deposits scale and deposits of salts in the body.


Regeneration load is a solution of salt, so the resin does not have any limitations in used for softening of water for household and drinking purposes.


Price - 30 UAH.


Detailed specifications You can find on the site Aqua-Climate link


Also You can get detailed consultation by phone:

(044) 229-37-23, (067) 442-46-69, (050) 380-74-50, (063) 641-95-50.