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The alder paneling , wood paneling of alder from the manufacturer

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:120 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Lining alder , wood paneling of alder from the manufacturer

HH = 105-115 UAH per 1 m2

  -Lining of alder made from alder blanks first-class;
The thickness of the lining of alder 13 mm length up to 3 m width 87mm.
- Humidity batten alder 10±2%
- lining of alder has a high noise
We produce battens (alder) from environmentally friendly raw materials.
Buy battens of alder can have on production in Kiev

Lining Alder exclusively possesses unique properties that stat her in the discharge elite trees:
  • Chocolate brown color and originality of the structure;
  • Healing properties;
  • Processing surface planing, small probability of dying;
  • No Hygroscopicity is the ability of the lining of Alder to absorb different zhidkosti.
  • No harmful Smolny connections

It has long been known that alder is not easy original the color of the tree, it is also excellent construction and finishing material, spread rapidly in our country in astroimaging. Positive moment in the wood lining of alder is that it has water-repellent effect, when you touch alder gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, so very often, bathroom toiletries and accessories are it is made of alder.

Alder in a large number grows in the territory Russia is not a scarce material, and in addition properties batten alder similar to the properties of the lining of lime, so these two types of wood used where frequent contact with water. This makes the lining of the alder is used in otdelkiny, saunas and wells.

In addition to these features, it can be noted that the lining alder has a very beautiful and unique pattern, which makes it profitable before other types of panels. Color lining alder can be from light coffee and chocolate to pink and so interior finish sauna or bath with shelves made of alder has its own exclusive style.

These qualities define the use of lumber, especially, the lining of alder - finish saunas, baths.

We are manufacturer, in connection with these prices products is much smaller, and the quality is much better! Buy from the first hands!


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