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Quality timber from the manufacturer, at miniminum prices for you! Do not overpay, get the manufacturers in Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:1 200 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Quality the beam from the manufacturer, at miniminum prices for you! Do not overpay, take the manufacturers in Kiev

Board edged-25-30 mm =900 UAH per cube cart

Board uncut 25-30 mm =1150 UAH cube cart

The beams of any cross-section from 1200 to 1600 UAH from 3 to 9 m

To buy timber

Timber ago use the builders more popular than the edged Board, they have in common one and the same manufacturing technology. The main difference Beams and floor boards, is its dimensions, width - ratio of the width of the material and length

The price of timber in Kiev

Standard the cross-section dimensions of the beam are from 50 to 50 mm and up to 200 to 200 mm. The most common length of a bar - 3, 4, 4.5 and 6 meters. This Kiev timber is always possible to purchase stock of the company ALCO. Optionally, order Pine lumber of any other sections or lengths that are different from standard values, and it will be custom made.
As well as edged boards, lumber made from wood of coniferous or deciduous species (fir, pine, spruce, larch, cedar, oak, beech, ash and etc.). On sale you can often find the timber of pine. Its wood ease of handling, relatively high strength, low hygroscopicity and the most affordable price. The beam is made of hardwood wood, usually used for making all kinds of joiner products.
Depending on the method of manufacturing the beam is edging or edging. Cut timber is sawn through edges at least half of its length. On the number of sides sawn through distinguish dvuhkantnyj timber, or trenchantly make a rectangular, propylene from all sides.

Timber in Kiev

On the basis of size and number of knots, and other defects in the wood, the timber of pine and other conifers are divided into five grades from selected until the fourth, and the beam is made of hardwood - three varieties.
The scope of application of timber in construction is extensive. It is used for making the frames, partitions, floors and ceilings, truss construction and the crate of the roof. Made from pine lumber build walls of wooden houses, it is used for the manufacture of Windows, stairs, railings and various wooden parts of the house.
The price of timber is formed under the influence of several factors. First just the cost of the timber, as well as any other lumber depends on the breed wood used for its production, grades and sizes. Price timber is also influenced by the technology of processing and drying of wood.

Pine lumber

Quality drying wood and strict observance of rules of storage of finished lumber have a significant impact on the performance of the beam, so to purchase lumber preferably in the warehouses of large companies using a good reputation. In Kiev to buy a high quality timber in the company ALCO..


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