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silicones for forms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:8 UAH
Seller:Yan' Liza
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
silicones for forms of polyurethanes, polyester resins, plaster, wax, paraffin wax, gypsum, concrete, liquid plastics, Soaps. For the production of Souvenirs sculptures, statuettes and other crafts Two-component silicone rubber: liquid silicone and curing agent based tin. Mark Well-615 Color White The proportion of curing agent(%) 2-4% Life time(min 25 0C) 20 Polymerization time (25 hours 0C) 18-24 Shore hardness (A°) 15 Density (g/cm 3 ) 1.08 Viscosity (mPas -25 0C) 11000 Tensile strength (kgf /cm2) ≥23 Tear resistance (kgf /cm ) ≥14 Elongation at break (%) ≥ 390 Linear shrinkage (%) ≤0.25 Features of molding silicone rubber: 1) Good performance with simple operations 2) High fluidity and low viscosity and easy operation 3) Low shrinkage moisture 4) strong tensile strength of silicone mold 5) strong deformation resistance 6) Favorable hardness suitable products production 7) resistance to high temperatures, reusable duplication, resistance to acid and alkali, aging resistance, long life. If you need silicone rubber, please.To contact us. company website: Contact person:Lisa E-mail: phone:+86(755)85224692 icq:609237017 M. t:+8618688266864 Skype:yanfang1989400