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saw kickoff baguette Imnes IM - 30 MP Fully loaded!! cutting wooden baguette

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:2 990 EUR
Company:alfamacchine ukraine
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

High-precision single pendulum electric saw to cut the baguette.
Equipped with:
· swivel stand
· calibrated right and left wings (mm)
· metal Desk-pedestal
· rolling stop baguette
· horizontal pneumatic clamps that provides a more durable retention of a baguette, and therefore higher precision cut

· powerful built-in vacuum
Also saw has a convenient measuring system, ergonomic handle cutting block that allows you to quickly and easily prepare a rotary table for cutting the preset angles- 100, 150, 22,50, 300, 450 and 900, and randomly in both directions. A high degree of security is achieved by a protective casing and a spring cylinder, providing a smooth return of the cutting block in the upper position.
Saw quite economical (750W) and is low noise (no more than 80.0 dB).

· Maximum width of baguette: when cutting at an angle 90 ° -145 mm, angled 45º-103mm.
· Maximum height of baguette - 80mm.
· Frequency of rotation of the disk - 3400 rpm./minutes
· Power supply - 220V
· Power supply - 220V.
· Weight - 105 kg
Saw blade plus 900 UAH
For multi-purpose framing shop is one of the best saws on the combination of price and quality.

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