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Offer type: buyPublished: 27.02.2015
Company:PAT Obolon'
Seller:Lyutij Ruslan Oleksijovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'

PJSC "OBOLON" buys barley, MALTING BARLEY harvest 2013. in unlimited quantity. The manufacturer and the first intermediary. Customer pickup. The following varieties of foreign selection: Sebastian, Males, Xanadu, Torgal, Kang, Maura, Tolar, Shakira, Glads, Gosia, BIOS, Beatrix;
and varieties of domestic breeding: fountain, commander, United, Conceder, Fabulous Hetman, Helios, Vakula and others..
Requirements for barley moisture 14,5 %-15,0 % particle size of from 80.0% of the protein is not more than 12.8% of vitality from 0.0 %-99,9 % customer pickup. Additional information by phone. Ruslan-067-523-30-37%; Alexander-067-323-03-06;