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The Tuplex Underlay

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:AL'TA VIRA OOO Fesenko Tat'yana
Seller:Fesenko Tat'yana
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The substrate Penoroll (similar duplex) under the floor covering.

The substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) under the floor (floorboards, laminate) specially designed for floors, stacked "floating method" and is the only substrate that allows by natural intelliremote delete accidentally caught in podarkate space moisture.
Leveling the substrate

Thanks to its elasticity substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex®) helps to hide minor irregularities in the substrate and creates a perfectly smooth surface for laying solid flooring. It the easiest way to remove fine roughness basis.
Protection from moisture.

The Substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) creates a double layer of protection against moisture.

The substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) specially designed for so with maximum efficiency to drown out the natural heels and to remove the effect of slamming. It is perfect for home or office areas where clop of high heels can be annoying. The Substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) has excellent sound insulation. Compared with other materials of the same thickness it has a high performance and meet the most stringent standards.
Floor heating

Substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) are ideal for use in rooms with heated floors. All the indicators they are at the European level.
Deformation resistance

The substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) perfectly retains its shape and does not change its physical properties over time. During the test under load 700 kg/m2 for 7 days, strain Penoroll (similar Tuplex) amounted to 3% of the thickness of the substrate. For comparison, the deformation of foamed polyethylene, which usually used as a substrate, is 76.2% of the thickness.
Speed stacking: a Substrate Penoroll (similar Tuplex) smoothly glides, making it easier primary packing and making joints. Ease of installation - saving time, and this means that the work less laborious and finish it faster.