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Sell controllers AC, AC, AC, AC

Offer type: salePublished: 12.05.2017
Company:OOO "Promelteks"
Seller:Anatol'evich Vladislav
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
LLC "PROMOTEX"implements :KT ,KTP .Ctpv.MK1-10.MK6-10 Magnetic starters:ACA, Mat, PMI,PM. Brakes ,frame: TAG, TCP, TCPs. E.magnets MO-100,200,300; MP,201,301. The hydraulic lifters TE-16;80 Controllers: CCP(all schemes),CP(any),CCTA :TCC-62 :TCC-63 And :Sequencer CA-4658 ;KA-4044 ;KA-4048 ; KA-4054 ;KA-4058 ;KA-4148 ; KA-4168; KA-4188; Relay REV 811-818,571,572. REO 401. The switchs could feed boxes-100; switchs could feed-250; switchs could feed-400. Resistance crane:B-6,Iraq. Call a loud battle - MZ-1; MZ-2 ; Switch limit:WU-150A, WU-250A, WU-150M: WU-250M: WU-22-B: PP-741(KU-701). /